About me

I am a 21 year old boy from Essex in the UK 

I have been modelling for over 11 years and now have takenit one step further and I ama Porn Star. 

After just six months in porn, I have  worked with some of the biggest names and biggest studios in the UK and I’mnow branching out of the UK and working abroad to become an international Porn Star. 

I ama singer, actor and dancer and I use this talents to myadvantage when modelling, filming and hosting clubs and events. 

You can see more photos of me and learn more about me by following the links on this website.

Still modelling I amnow entering the film industry beginning to start filming late 2014 a movie to be released late 2015. 

I havealso become quite anentrepreneur and have  just released myown clothing line and also a calendar and you will find the links to see what I sell and to buy my products on this website. 

I strive to be the best Ican at what Ido and I amquickly becoming well known in the porn industry - maybe you have seen some of my photo-shoots and films already. 

I havefeatured in blogs,podcasts, magazines and studios  and I hope to create myown studio in 2015 so that you can apply to join me on shoots and also come for training events in modelling and dance.